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I create unforgettable musical experiences combined with speaking to help the deep truths about God come alive in hearts of those who hear.

The great power that music has when presented as an intentional emotional message of beauty is it’s ability to infuse the truth with emotion. Anyone can speak the truth, and know the truth, but causing people to feel the truth is a power unique to music. It is when the audience feels the emotional reality of the truth being proclaimed that real and lasting change will occur. It is then that our sense of wonder, an essential ingredient of a meaningful life can be awakened. It is then that the hope that the truth should inspire will be renewed in our hearts. It is then that the peace that is so illusive in this life full of chaos and noise will be restored. It is only then that purpose will be inspired, and meaningful action ignited.

I would love to have the opportunity to share that gift with you. I perform for conferences, churches, retreat centers, private house concerts, and many other venues.

Please note that I am not currently performing for wedding ceremonies.

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