It is my dream to make music a full time thing and i'm set up here on Patreon as a way to help fund projects I passionate about, and engage with my fans & supporters more personally. 

How it works?
Choose an amount you wish to pledge per creation, based off of your personal decision, or which reward you'd like! 

What is a creation? 
If I record a high quality video or song in my studio and I think it is something that everyone will like, then it is considered a creation.
If I don't release a creation, then you won't be charged!
This helps keep me disciplined with making awsome content on a more consistent basis.
(I plan on releasing about 1-2 creations per month) 

You can also set a limit so you never go over your budget, which is adjustable at any point. 
Delete your pledge.
Edit your pledge to less.
Edit your pledge to more.
You name it, you can do it! 
Ball is in your court! 

Thank you to all my fans & supporters!
-Isaiah Pekary

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