Three years ago, I determined to compose an album of music having no idea of the journey it would follow me through. It is crazy to think here at the cusp of releasing this music, that when I started composing this album I had not yet met my amazing wife, beautiful daughter, or loving church family. 


Why do I create music? The answer to this question is more than simply because I enjoy it. While I love the feeling that I get when an improvisation somehow turns out to be beautiful, the truth is that much of the process of creating good music is frustrating, tedious, and difficult. Nothing is worse than improvising an amazing passage that I could never recreate only to realize that the microphone wasn’t turned on. There was so much that I had to persevere through in order to create this album, and if my motivation was purely the enjoyment of it, I would have quit long ago.


Plato writes in Phaedo, “whatever else is beautiful apart from absolute beauty is beautiful because it partakes of that absolute beauty, and for no other reason.” I believe that God is that absolute beauty, and it is the purpose of my life to proclaim how amazingly good and beautiful He is. Music is a medium that allows people to experience the beauty of God in a very emotional way.


I create music out of love for Christ and a thankfulness for what He has done in my life. I don’t deserve to be alive right now. In truth I desired to take my own life for many years. I was once a hopeless, depressed, and broken young man, caught in the trap of lust and painfully aware of how my evil had separated me from our perfectly good and just Creator. But God rescued me, and as I began to draw near to God and understand His love for me, I was given the power to be victorious over my sin and live a life secure in the hope of eternal life sealed by my trust in Jesus, the Son of God. All my life now is dedicated to following Him, and sharing the love and salvation of Jesus. This album illustrates that journey and reminds me of the adventure that is out there!